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shoujo BATTLE ✩✭
✩✭ lims shoujo-style!
07-04. reminder }} 
❝ FFX ❞ ✩ time flies.
We have 3/expected 15 entries so far, and they all look great! Remember, you have until Saturday this week~ Here's the list:

Ayumi Yamada, Chiaro, Clow Reed, Jehu, Keiichi Shimizu, Ludwig, Nyanko-sensei, Ringo Tsukimiya, Suu, Tsukasa Domyoji, Sawako Kuronuma, Yuuki Kurosu
* If your name is underlined it means you have to submit this week lest you be dropped from the competition. But it is the last week anyway...!

If you are on that list, please submit to this post before Saturday night, August 6, 11:59 pm EDT! Thanks~
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